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Wanting to help is EVERYTHING.

That is why our 2 programmes are designed to enable volunteers to be a mentor for someone else, even if they are busy.

Find out more about our programmes below.

Interested to volunteer? Awesome! Simply fill in the Google form (click the button), and our team will contact you on Telegram ASAP. You can ask us any questions you have in mind then.

Be a Jiayou Station Volunteer today!

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JIayou Station

Peer mentorship Programme

As a JYS Peer Mentor, your experience and empathy can be the inspiration for another student!

We aim to do these through weekly academic tutoring sessions and monthly in-person extracurricular sessions, through working with student organizations (schools, community centres, etc.)

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1-1 Mentorships

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Personal Sharings


Hands-on Experiments

The Void Deck

For many of us who are so busy, we might not be able to commit to peer mentoring for the time being.

In that case, we would like to hear your experience and insights so that we may share them on our online initiative, The Void Deck!

Through the lens of Oli, our friendly oil pump, we will feature your story in our Spotlight comics series. We will also link you up with interested juniors who are currently facing the same crossroads you once faced!

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