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HR and Social Work, What do they do

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Course Insights: Info about Human Resource Management (HRM) & Experience in the Social Sector Recently, during our tutoring session with students from regent secondary, we invited a university student, Hana who studies in SUSS, to share about her social work experiences and information regarding her course – “Human Resource Management”.

Her sharing was recorded in the video here.

How “Human Resource Management” was applied in real-life job.

In her sharing, she shared about what a HR practitioner is and what the job scope encompasses. As the name “Human Resource” suggests, it is basically working closely with people and managing them as they are important resources in the company. After graduating from this course, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and prerequisite skills to start a career as a HR practitioner.

To elaborate on what HR does, it covers a whole pool of responsibilities which includes recruitment, talent acquisition, hiring, firing, compensation & benefits and learning & development to name a few.

Her job experience in Access Singapore (a volunteer-run social mobility nonprofit organisation) has given her the opportunity to demonstrate her knowledge that she has learned in her course to use. In Access Singapore, she heads the Operations department where she primarily focuses on volunteer management and training. Her team is in-charge of recruitment of volunteers who would then be allocated to the respective departments. On top of that, onboarding and training is provided for all new volunteers, facilitators and mentors who join them, which helps ensure the team’s volunteers are competent and suitable to provide the best learning experience for their students through the various insights and mentorship programmes they provide.

Why Social Issues Matter

Hana does work with a lot of social side projects and is passionate about social issues. Not only that, she also was once a Youth for Autism Intern in the Eden School, which is a special needs school in Bukit Batok. She helps with classroom and education front.

Moreover, she also leads a team of volunteers who tutor primary school students hailing from low-income families on a bi-weekly basis.

She wishes to go back to work in the special education sector as it was really rewarding experience for her and this has shaped her aspiration to become a special education teacher in the future.

Do note that these points are also slightly based on personal opinion and experience and may not be accurate in all cases.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment here or DM us on our Instagram page.

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