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‘Jiā yóu’ means to keep going. It is often said as a form of encouragement and it can mean so much to us especially when it really matters. This is what we want to be for you! 


Here at Jiayou Station, We believe that one of the best ways to improve our communities is by taking an active role in improving the education of others. We achieve this aim through two main programmes, The Void Deck and Peer Mentoring Programmes as below:



To be a platform that inspires students of all walks of life to aspire beyond any barriers.



To provide tailored academic assistance to individual students through regular tutoring sessions.


To capitalise on shared experiences of the volunteering community to help students develop their extracurricular interest.

The Void Deck

Inspiring and guiding Youth in their respective journeys through sharing of experiences from Seniors

Peer Mentoring


Providing both academic support and guidance through the forming of relationships between mentors and mentees

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